Getting Running with WordPress + Litespeed

Can anyone share, or point to, a summary of how best to set up an OpenLiteSpeed + WordPress environment?

I am unsure on many things in configuring the topology:

  1. It seems I need a load balancer in order to have a public IP. If true, is the Litespeed Web ADC option the best given the rest of this?

  2. I found this Docker container that seems appropriate:
    Docker – yes? no?

  3. I assume I need to add an SQL DB option? If so, MariaDB makes sense…but how do I tell the Application server in #2 above to use it?

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Hi Chris,

The stand-alone WordPress marketplace app will run WordPress using Litespeed if that option remains checked. You could roll your own through Docker and the topology tool for setting up new environments, but honestly the stand-alone WP install in the marketplace is quite robust and can manage just about anything you throw at it.

Ah, here is a whole missing link for me: the marketplace!

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Yeah, give that a try, it is a pretty awesome option for a performant WP instance

How does updating work for the OS, MariaDB, etc when using the WordPress markplace app? Is it all done internally or are there updates to the marketplace app that flow in?

WordPress updates can be handled within WordPress itself using its updater, but you can also deploy updates to the stack (Litespeed, DB etc.) using the Redeploy option in this case. You shouldn’t really need to use that redeploy option very frequently though.

Jelastic has this documented here:

That’s what I was hoping. I was mostly thinking about OS, MariaDB, and other items that might have future security vulnerabilities + PHP upgrades, etc. This looks like it will work perfectly.