Getting started with Docker?

I know this isn’t the Docker forums, but after messing around with spinning up containers and clicking until things worked, I can fully see and appreciate the simplicity that Docker brings when working in cloud environments.

Does anyone have a favorite “getting started” list for using Docker locally so spinning up environments is simpler? I’ve run through the docker-compose example from their site, but I feel like I missed a lot of what that did…if there are other examples you’d recommend, I’d appreciate those.

It’s not free so I’d love to hear from others about what’s out there, but I personally worked through this Pluralsight course and found it useful:

From a quick search looks quite nice and has guides with interactive shell right in the browser to test commands. Can’t speak to the quality of either of those but perhaps a good starting point.

I’ve started trying to pull docs together for courses I work on that will be sharing computing environments via Docker.

Docs such as they are at the moment (a WIP) here:

This probably isn’t what you’re after though?

Semi-related, but I was reading through Jelastic’s guide on Container Deployment and it looks like there’s an optional Quick Start container frame with a set of most popular templates that would definitely be helpful for me:

Not sure if we (Reclaim Cloud) would be the ones adding in ‘popular’ templates or if that’s something that Jelastic already has predefined, but I like the idea!