Grabbing a feed from a Google Site?

Hello. Setting up my class blog with feeds from all the class and two participants created their blogs at Google Sites? I don’t see an RSS feed here at all! Any suggestions?

My site:

One of the google sites submitted to me: Sign in - Google Accounts

Thank you!

I think they’d have to use an announcement page and be using the classic Google Sites.

I can’t see their linked page because it’s not shared openly (which would likely cause problems with the RSS feed anyway).

Oh! Good to know. Yes, I think they are using a University-hosted site, so
it’s true that I can see it but not others. Thank you. I totally missed

Will check out this announcement page thing … although ultimately it might
be best for her to move her blog elsewhere I am realizing. Appreciate your


Google SItes are not “blog” sites but some kind of modified flat HTML?

I require my students to use so they learn to use a content management system rather than a website builder. 26.7% of all sites on the Internet can’t be wrong.

If they already have a personal site built elsewhere I let them troubleshoot the RSS issues if any. That’s how we all learned the web. I call it throwing them in the deep end.

Is that too harsh or just tough love?

If it is the New Sites then the Announcement Page has gone @bionicteaching. All pretty static. Not sure that RSS is possible.