Gravity Forms User Registration

ANybody here a Gravity Forms guru (or has done it and also slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night)?

Specifically, I’ve created a Gravity Form to register new users to a WP blog using the User Registration Add-In, but I’m having trouble getting the “feed” and “notifications” to do what I want. I want:

  1. new users to be both registered and an activation email sent to them immediately so that they can self-activate right away - assuming their email address submitted is from one of 3 different domains - actually one domain that has 3 sub-domains:,, and I’d like all other email addy’s rejected as an anti-spam thing.

  2. In a perfect world, I’d also like the form to figure out the WP username by truncating the email address to only the portion of the email before the “@”. This isn’t a real necessity, though, just a nicety. I can live with making them enter the username.

I think you can do both maybe in a few different ways.

I think for #1 you can do that with registration conditions, like the image below or with a gform_field_validation hook.
Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 6.47.00 PM

For #2, you could go a few different ways. One way would just be to write a little javascript on the front end that watches the email field and silently fills out the hidden username field. Here’s an example of that. The other path would be to use gravity form hooks to set the field value based on the value of the email field.

Awesome. Thanks, Tom.