Gutenpocalypse (WP 5.0)

It looks like the Gutenpocalypse is finally upon us. According to this thread from WordPress, they are going to push the WP 5.0 on this Thursday, December 6th:

How is everyone planning on dealing with this. We are considering either trying to disable auto-updates so that we can have a more scheduled and controlled release at a later date. Alternatively, we might send out an email to all our users and run trainings and office hours for the next week.

Those are definitely good options! You can also recommend the Classic Editor Plugin to folks if they’re not ready to adjust to the new post editor.

I’m curious about the relationship between the WP settings in cPanel and the auto update settings in wp-config.

Are they the same?

If I turn off auto updates in cPanel does it write out to wp-config (I don’t think it does on altering which might be different than if it’s set that way on creation. ) or, if not, which one takes priority?

I just want to make sure that some of our single site installs don’t auto update as it looks like it’ll cause drama for ACF at the moment.

At the time of install, Installatron adds a line for WordPress to not auto-update core to wp-config.php. This is of course related to Wordpress pushing its own security releases, Installatron disables that so that if an install is done through them it can manage those updates directly (and therefore take an Installatron backup before it is done). Given this is a major and not minor release, the wp-config.php auto-update setting has no effect here, the only one to look at is the Installatron setting for automatic updating. If that is off, 5.0 will not be pushed to you. An alternative of course is the Classic Editor plugin, if it’s installed today then WordPress 5.0 will continue to use the older editor after the upgrade to 5.0 (while still receiving the rest of the security updates). My opinion is that is a better option than turning off upgrades alltogether but your mileage may vary based on what plugins or issues are outstanding with the new code.

Is there a way to bulk install and activate Classic Editor across all WP sites in one’s Reclaim instance? I’m assuming there is, but I’m not familiar with it. We have a relatively small user base, so we could get this done manually, but it’d be good to know how to do it in bulk.

It would require some advanced scripting using wp-cli at the server level. It’s not a built in feature of Installatron. So possible yes, but not something that could be done the day that Wordpress is being released.

Thanks, I’ll keep on with the manual installs. Somehow I let this slip off my radar…could have had it done weeks ago, of course.

So then, if we instead wanted to disable auto-updates across all our sites, is that something that can be done in WHM?

You can, however you have to do it in groups of 100 since that’s all Installatron will show on one page. Go in WHM > Installatron Administrator interface > Installs


Scroll to the bottom and select all and then click Edit


Here you can edit options for all selected installs and save.


Unfortunately I don’t see an option to do more than 100 installs at a time. Just make sure at a not-so-later date you reenable updates given you are exposing yourselves to a security risk by preventing updates to installs.

Thanks, that’s what we’ve done for now.