How About A Fediverse Space?

With all the fever of twitter implosion and a mad rush o set up camp in Mastodon… what’s the possibility of hoisting in the cloud space an instance for ds106 (as requested)

I have been mulling around how to make the DS106 Daily create work with Mastodon, so an account would have to made somewhere.

or reclaim? I know there is a cost and we might pass a hat? I expect someone will suggest “you can do it yourself”, but I thought I’d ask.

I’d move to a ds106 or reclaim instance!

Definitely not trivial to get it up and running after looking at documentation. Might be fun to do a stream with @taylorjadin this week or next and see if we can make sense of what it would mean to get something running in Docker. Stay tuned…


That would be Teh Awesome.

A good contact for doing this is Dave Lane at OERu where they have been running an instance for a few years at – he has some Docker stuff written - he is super generous / helpful

Psst… About - ds106 Social

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I would like to see Write Freely in the C Panel. It connects easily to Mastodon. It looks like a federated version for Tru Writer and other minimalist blogging tools.

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It looks like WriteFreely is not going to be compatible with cPanel or Shared Hosting services like ours, as the application has to run on its own port and be set up to run as a service:

It looks like its not really designed with a shared hosting environment in mind. You could most likely run this on Reclaim Cloud, though.

Twice created accounts on and get first welcome email, butI am 0/3 on getting confirmation one.

Stuck here and hate being one of those whiny complainers

Give it another go, just resent verification email. If not happening can and will force verify.