How to categorize users in a WordPress Multisite

We have a WordPress multisite that is quickly becoming populated with users. Does anyone have a recommendation for categorizing users in a multisite? As the network admin super user, I would like to be able to categorize or tag the users, and then filter for that particular category or tag on the Network Admin > Users > All Users screen.

Hi Laurie,

I did see this User Tags plugin, but not sure it works for Multisite network admin:

There is also a more hacky approach that this post lays out:

But before you go down either of these roads, can i ask specifically what you will be using it for? What would be the use case? organizing by class, course, major, what? That might help be get a clearer sense of use case.


Hi Jim.

What I would like to do is designate each user account in our multisite as
either faculty, staff, student, or admin. It would be great if I could
then filter (and download) for users with different designations, such
as being able to filter for all faculty accounts.

I’m thinking about how I’m going to track usage down the road and keep our user account database purged of unused accounts.

The User Tags plugin looks like it might work, however it has not been
tested with our version of WordPress and it claims to be compatible up
to version 4.4.5. We are on version 4.6.1.


You could customize the user profile to do something like this. BuddyPress would allow it if you’re running that or there are a variety of other plugins that would work.

To do it yourself, would be something like what’s below (although I’d either enter it via programming magic or make it a drop down).

    function modify_contact_methods($profile_fields) {

	// Add new field
	$profile_fields['level'] = 'User Level';	

	return $profile_fields;
    add_filter('user_contactmethods', 'modify_contact_methods');

To retrieve it for display, you’d do something like

$userLevel = get_the_author_meta('level');

I think you need to write a plugin :slight_smile:

After some searching, I’ve found a plugin called Toolset Types, which lets you add a new field to user profiles. This is more in-line with what I was hoping to accomplish. Now, I just have to see if there is a way to display that field on the Network Admin Users screen.


Coincidentally, @cogdog posted this plugin on Twitter (Admin Columns) which will likely take care of that aspect of things.

I am running the plugin on multisite- you can edit the columns on an individual’s site’s user interface, but not the network user admin, even with sitewide activated.