How to create Client sub-account for an existing email address

I have helped several different orgs to set up new accounts on RH, and I usually work with them to create a sub account to provide me with admin access to continue helping as needed. Your docs clearly explain how to set up a sub-account:

However, the sub-account signup prevents me from using the same email address I have previously used on the RH platform, with this error msg:
A user already exists with that email address

While I can workaround this issue (by inserting extra periods in my Gmail address, etc.), is there a legitimate way for me to reuse my existing email address?


Hello! Unfortunately, this is a limitation of our client portal system and the software it runs. I would either do as you suggested by inserting extra periods into your Gmail address, or by using Gmail’s + delimiter to make aliases.

If you are unfamiliar, you can take a Gmail address (like and add a plus symbol and text before that @ to make on the fly aliases (like Email sent to will get sent to the account. I frequently use this for various services, and it will work here with our client portal as well as a workaround.

Thanks for this helpful Gmail delimiter suggestion. Consider adding it to your documentation page for others, too.

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