How to open account at Scalar

Hy I am new here. If I buy the reclaimhosting package can I open account at scalar. How my site will look like. What will be the url of that site.

Which package should I buy to make account at scalar. Scalar now wants reg key and I found a article which says reclaimhosting users auto gets reg key and can create site under scalar.


Thanks for posting to the forums. If you are looking for a Scalar site you do not have to self-host, I recommend heading over to the Scalar site and signing-up there for a Scalar book: Alliance for Networking Visual Culture » Overview

Reclaim Hosting is a web hosting company that allows folks to get hosting and a domain and install applications like WordPress, Omeka, and Scalar, but that would entail building and managing the site, whereas though the scalar multi-site you would have less overhead and be able to get up and running with a Scalar book without external hosting etc.

If you do want to host your own Scalar, we do have a one-click installer, and you can choose an account that works for you here: Shared Hosting – Reclaim Hosting

Thanks for your quick response. to do account there I need Registration
key which I don’t have. How can I get that. If I buy package from here will I get reg key or create account at scalar where I can post my articles.

As far as registration keys, you would need to reach out to the folks at Scalar cause we have no control over that, and it is something they would provide, not us.

Good luck!

I came to this site from this article. Restricting new-user registrations on a custom Scalar install

If I buy package from here will I be able to create account scalar and publish my articles. Articles says auto reg key is generated who gets hosting from this company. Is it still available.

You said one-click installer scalar. so if i buy hosting package I can get scalar account though I have no reg key.

If you do want to run your own Scalar install you can sign up for an account and install it, but honestly it does sound like you just want to register at the hosted Scalar version at Scalar rather than buy a hosting account. The registration page at Scalar: Register links to a form to request a registration key from them. Installing and running your own Scalar install with Reclaim Hosting is fine as well, a registration key is not necessary to do that (it’s an optional thing to prevent spammers from signing up on your own instance).

Thanks I will buy reclaim hosting package and with this I will make scalar account as I have no reg key. What will be the site url. and which package should I buy is it okay to go with 30$ per year account.