How to register an additional domain from a DOOO account

How can a student who initially opted to use a subdomain of the DOOO server domain name later register a new domain name through Reclaim Hosting? I see that there is a detailed guide published on how to register additional domain names for individual accounts, but students on a DOOO server don’t see the Client Area portal, so don’t have access to the “Register a new domain” menu option.

Students can purchase a domain from any provider and point nameservers at us, and then add it as an addon domain following that guide. For DoOO systems setup as subdomains we don’t have an integrated way for students to pay for a domain registration directly in the same system, however Reclaim Hosting does offer domain registrations only via the following link: Shopping Cart - Reclaim Hosting (domains registered through us would automatically use our nameservers so they’d simply purchase a domain and then add it to cPanel).

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