HTML5 UP Download missing items

Hi @cogdog or anyone else that is free to help, I tried to download the Dimension HTML5 UP theme for a blog subdomain ( I am hosting on my site
First, I tried to upload via wordpress but it said the CSS file was not complete. I followed your instructions and uploaded using File manager, wp-content, themes and now I am receiving the following message:
Broken Themes
The following themes are installed but incomplete.
Assets Stylesheet is missing
images Stylesheet is missing
I know it is has been a while since domain camp but now we are winter break I thought I would try again.
Thank you,
Kim Carter

Hi Kim,

Please confirm the source of the theme you are trying to install; if you downloaded from you will see errors on installing in WordPress as it is not a WordPress theme (its only html). The WordPress version is available from GitHub - cogdog/wp-dimension: Wordpress Theme for a calling card site based on HTML5up Dimension (just tested and it installs fine).

Hope that helps. Happy Domaining holidays,


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Hi Alan,

The download was the problem. Thank you for your assistance.


I am glad you found a solution. Rock