Ideas for Domains events and programming?

I’m looking for ideas for events/programs to offer for students around Domains! I’m trying to think of ways to increase students’ engagement with Domains outside of courses and am wondering what creative strategies other schools have used to raise awareness about Domains among students and to help students dive in to get started with a new Domains account. I’m especially interested in ideas for in-person, face to face engagement.

I shared these in the Instructional Tech Discord with Christine already, but wanted to share my response here too in case anyone stumbles on this later:

When I worked at St. Norbert College we did a "Claim Your Slice of the web" event, that seems similar in focus. Later on we did an event focused on student orgs creating websites, which was a kind of cool targeted workshop. Personally, I think if I was planning more of these I would lean in the direction of more single purpose things. “hey come to this workshop to learn how to make a portfolio site”, or “come to this workshop to learn how to make a site that’s better than a pdf resume” (maybe partner with a career services dept for that one)

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