Image library hosting in DoOO?

My users on DoOO are starting to create a fair amount of stuff using some images and we need to use these images across different subdomains & WP installs.

I was thinking that rather than upload and use the WP Media Library, it would be nice if I spun up an image collection/hosting application, then used the “insert via URL” in WP to insert into posts. So I’m kind of looking for some kind of Flickr-of-My-Own kind of application.

Any suggestions? OwnCloud? anything else?

Of course, you’ll really make my day awesome if you can suggest an application that both hosts the image, provides a URL for insertion, AND stores meta data about the image.

You could do that with a separate WP install just for images . . . :slight_smile:

Otherwise, you might try or

I vaguely remembering @jimgroom reflecting on using WordPress and storing the images in an Amazon bucket. My concern is the size of my storage on Reclaim. Not sure the best solution

In WP you can customize where the images are stored. There are various plugins to tie the WP media library to S3 or Google Drive etc. We run into issues with the Google Drive tie in at VCU because we don’t have access to external API on our institutional accounts. I can do it on my personal Google Account.

I have built stuff that wouldn’t be too different than this just in Google Forms/Sheets/Drive combinations. Here’s a proof of concept piece using video but it’d be similar for images.

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