ImageMagick not creating thumbnails from PDFs

Hi all,

Running into an issue that I can’t seem to track down. I am not getting thumbnails generated from the PDFs I’m attaching to items:

A couple notes:

  • The ImageMagick path is set correctly.
  • I’ve set background.php.path to the correct path (used it when I did a CSV import)
  • I am attaching PDFs using the Dropbox plugin – I don’t know if that has an affect.

Thanks ahead of time for any pointers!

Hi Jason!

First, please verify that your ImageMagick path is indeed correct by using the following guide: If you end up changing the path, you would need to reupload-- Omeka does not go back and update previous uploads to create thumbnails.

I would also take the dropbox plugin out of the equation to see if there’s a confliction there.

All of the above said, Omeka Forums may be better suited for this issue. Apologies we can’t be of further help!

Hi @laurenhanks! Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I still seem to be running into the issue. I’ll pop over to the Omeka forums and ask there. Thanks!

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I wanted to link to the Omeka thread I started, just to keep this conversation together in case others go looking for the same question.

Regarding that thread: does Reclaim’s version of ImageMagick (or GhostScript, perhaps) include the ability to support JPEG2000?

I’m not sure I know the answer to that. We install the one provided by the CentOS 7 repos (just a basic yum install ImageMagick). Looks like it’s ImageMagick 6.7.8-9