Imagemagick Thumbnails Omeka S

My install currently isn’t producing any new thumbnails. It appears to be an error with imagemagick that produces the following errors:

Command "/bin//convert --version" failed with status code 1.
convert convert: Request did not return an image.

I’ve asked at the Omeka forums and got this response:

“It looks like your server might be using the package “GraphicsMagick” instead of ImageMagick at /bin/convert? GraphicsMagick has various differences, including apparently in how it responds to the --version command we issue to check it. If ImageMagick is available at some path, changing the configured path to point to it should resolve your issue. Checking with your host is probably your best move.”

How do I make sure that that my instances “local.config.php” is correctly pointing to imagemagick or has this been removed from my server?

More information about my software instance here: ImageMagick [Unable to execute command] - Omeka S - Omeka Forum