Importing Scalar Book from Other Domain

Greetings, comrades. I’ve installed Scalar 2 into my domain, and all looks good. However, when I try to import my students’ Scalar books (housed in their own domains) to my Scalar install - - via target public url - - the import won’t go through. Oddly, when I import books into my Scalar account at - - import proceeds happily and successfully.

Why the difference? Is there some server-side bolt I need to attach more securely etc.?

Larry H.

PS It’s fine if the book copies are stored on the site, but I really wanted to shelve them in my domain to keep them should students not renew/continue their domains (via Reclaim).

That is indeed odd. Can you shoot me some example URLs of books to test with? (If you want to PM with the URLs that’s fine).

Sure - - public scalar books (to be imported into Reclaim hosted scalar install):

Apparently if you try to import an http URL from an https instance of Scalar or vice versa the mismatch causes issues. When I logged into your Scalar install from http and imported the http URL for that went through so I would give it a try with the others keeping that in mind.

Very interesting . . .but why do think the site will import from the https vs. my install of scalar?

When you were importing the books were you on the https version of your site or http? I’m kind of just guessing this is the cause since when I switched I was able to import (I started first with https for your instance, I see the instance is not https so perhaps http can import regardless but https can only import other https URLs). Let me know if there’s an import that still fails.

Makes sense. I was importing via the https version. ('Though I was importing from https versions - - so, in a sense, no mismatch. Perhaps it’s just importing into an https setup?)

In any case, thanks a million for the help! Hope all is well and feliz ano nuevo.