IndieWebCamp East November 14-15, 2020

Missing Domains conferences in the pandemic, I thought I’d help to organize a related/tangential Domain of One’s Own (free/online only) sort of conference.

IndieWebCamp East (Online) is coming up on the weekend of November 14-15, 2020. We’ll be discussing and working on all things related to hosting, maintaining, supporting, and nurturing your own personal online presence that weekend. You can come for all or portions of the weekend as your schedule allows.

Naturally anyone with a domain/website is welcome to join us for the BarCamp-style IndieWebCamp that weekend, but I would specifically like to invite all the educators, teachers, course designers, and students who are using their own domains or who are in a Domain of One’s Own program to join us.

It would be great to see others either share their knowledge or experiences or even lead brainstorming sessions so we can all work at improving our websites and adding additional useful functionality to make them do the things we’d like them to. I’d love nothing more than to get enough people show up on Saturday to create an entire “Education” focused track to appear and then have everyone return on Sunday to help each other get our hands dirty in building or improving our sites to create something together.

You can RSVP for the weekend for free here: IndieWebCamp East 2020 - Online only.

To help kick things off, I’ve tentatively proposed a session on creating an IndieWeb/Domain of One’s Own Learning Management System. I’m hoping others will not only join but propose session ideas of their own. (First time attendees get preference in scheduling sessions and no advance work, preparation, or slides are required for these exploration-esque sessions.)

A Domain of One’s Own LMS

The coronavirus pandemic has rapidly forced educators to flee online where there is a wealth of predatory, amoral, and questionable platforms for managing online pedagogy. Starting closer to first principles, how might we design and build an LMS (Learning Management System) based on IndieWeb principles or using the related ideas behind A Domain of One’s Own where the teacher and students own their own content, learning content, and personal learning network.

Can we dovetails ideas and principles from the Open Educational Resources (OER) space with this at the same time?

Let’s get together to look at some common patterns in our online coursework to leverage existing technologies that privilege ownership, agency, control, and privacy to see how we might build and use our own infrastructure rather than relying on unethical corporations.

Session hashtag: #DoOOLMS

If you have any questions about proposing sessions, either in advance or preparing to propose them the morning of camp, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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