Installatron cloning issue

I’ve encountered a problem when trying to use Installatron’s clone.
I have a Subrion installation that I want to clone to a sub-domain for development. After I click the button and picked the sub-domain it starts working but quickly fails silently.
There isn’t any error message that pops up and all it does is create the new database, but no tables or files are copied.

Out of curiosity I try cloning the wiki and OS ticket that I also have installed and it worked for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am gonna see if I can reproduce the issue on my account, out of curiosity what is the subdomain it is being installed to?


The sub-domain was just one I created using cPanle’s sub-domain creation page. I called it “dev” and keep the cPanel’s default domain and document root recommendations.

I just tested the same thing cloning from one subdomain to another, and got a 404 error after it cloned. I’m wondering if this is an issue with the Installer. Reclaim Hosting uses Installatron as their script installer, and they maintain all the installers. I’ll ask around at Reclaim and see if my assumption here is right.


This is definitely a late response here! Recently, I’ve found that Installatron doesn’t play nice with .htaccess files. I’ve had luck when renaming the current application’s .htaccess and using the clone feature. Hopefully, this helps someone coming along in the future!