Installatron messages from removed instance

Hello! Lately I’ve been getting email notifications from Installatron telling me either that it has successfully updated a plugin or that an update has failed. That’s all good, except that the WP or MediaWiki instances it’s referring to no longer exist. I’m mostly a Domains user, and so have been talking with my Domains admin about this, but he’s been puzzled. And I think I’ve figured out why: the Installatron emails aren’t being sent to my institutional email address (which is connected to my Domains account) but to my personal email address (which was connected to my personal Reclaim account, which got merged into my Domains account sometime back). And the messages aren’t coming from our Domains server, but from

So: I’m getting auto-emailed by Installatron about installations that have been removed in an account that for all intents and purposes no longer exists. It was merely puzzling when it was just one message every so often, but two ghost MediaWiki installations are now failing to back up because the no longer in use account seems to have been on a server using a deprecated version of PHP. And so I’m getting two messages every day about something I can’t fix.

Can y’all? Let me know what details you might need! --K.

Hey there! Looks like there was a problem with the status of the cPanel account after it was moved over a few years back. I’ve fixed this and you should be all set, but let us know if you have any other questions!

Thanks, Taylor! Juuuuuust out of curiosity… could the fix have changed any of the DNS settings for The domain is suddenly not found, and email (which I host via Proton Mail) is not delivering. I checked my domain registration, which seems to be good until January 2025, but I’m otherwise at a loss?

Never mind! I re-set the A record for (didn’t change it, just re-entered the same info) and it’s all suddenly back. Go figure!

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Good! Its possible it was added as a DNS zone on the old account, and that the state that account was in yesterday was keeping records in place until yesterday. Glad you got it figured out, but I’ve synced the DNS records in our system just in case.