Instructional Technology at Reclaim Hosting

Now Introducing: Instructional Technology at Reclaim Hosting

Simply put, this is professional development and intentional community support built specifically with Educational Technologists in mind.

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We are committed to helping educational technologists do what they do best.

Reclaim Hosting has been providing edtech infrastructure for higher ed for almost 10 years. Now we want to work more directly with the people on the ground and build a broader professional development community for instructional technologists. These platforms are only as interesting as the people behind them, and it’s our goal to create a structure to help edtechs explore, question, learn, and build the future of teaching and learning together. We want to be a niche support hub and learning community for curious minds and creative tinkerers, whether you have a background in Instructional Design, advanced IT Support, or sit somewhere in between like most Instructional Technologists.

What You Can Expect:

  • Consistent Workshops: Repeating workshops that you can count on each semester as your teams, projects, and goals change. Looking for a refresher? We’ve got your back.

  • Flex Courses: Flex Courses may last anywhere from 1 hour to 6 weeks long, and topics will vary depending on interests of participating schools, tech trends, and more.

  • Domain PenPals: After completing our introductory assessment, our team will partner you with like-minded schools to strategize and build together.

Event Calendar

We’re calling in the experts. Attend trainings led by specialists in their fields, in addition to working closely with the Reclaim Hosting team. We’ll have a calendar of events lined up at least a year in advance so you can mark your calendars and plan for the events you want to attend. Subscribe to all events for the year with unlimited seats for you and your team, some events as needed, or just one event at a time.

Instructional Tech Discord Server

We’ve built a community space that will be open year around for sharing resources and ideas, prompting larger discussions, and even enjoying impromptu hangouts. This will be a central hub for virtual events and asynchronous trainings, connecting with Domains PenPals, and more. This buzzing edtech space is growing every day and we hope you’ll be apart of it!

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