Is there a way to create more users with access to WHM?

Currently our tech dept uses the root account to login to WHM and access our faculty/student’s cpanel accounts. Our Curricular Tech dept is interested in having access to WHM so they can have the ability to jump directly into faculty/student cpanels and assist them with troubleshooting.

I don’t see any way to create more accounts with access to WHM, either within WHM itself or within WHMCS.

Hi Jake,
Great question! But unfortunately, I don’t have great news to share on this front. cPanel doesn’t work well with multiple admin users, in WHM, and in individual cPanel accounts. They only allow for one root user in WHM, so these credentials would need to be shared with the admins.

The best option here is to add admin users in WHMCS. They’ll still be able to access individual user’s cPanel accounts by searching the user’s URL or email, then click the ‘Login to cPanel’ button on the Product/Service page.

The multi-user has been a feature request for several years in the cPanel community, but they haven’t made moves to add this into the software. There’s an active Feature Request that’s been open for 8 years to be exact… So there’s hope it will be added soon!

Ok, that’s actually fine. So we can have them jump off from WHMCS instead of WHM. In our case, the only thing that’s lost by using WHMCS instead of WHM is the ability to see how much disk space is used from the account list view.

Thanks so much for the quick reply and solution!

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