IsisCB on Reclaim Cloud?

I’m curious if it would be possible, assuming paid technical help, to run an IsisCB Explore instance on Reclaim Cloud? It’s an open-source bibliography software, designed for the history-of-science community (and its legends Current Bibliography), but I would be interested in re-deploying for another bibliography. Here is the readme note:

IsisCB Explore can be run as a WSGI application, e.g. using Gunicorn behind NginX, or in Apache using mod_wsgi. The main application should be run from isiscb.wsgi. Worker processes should be run from isiscb.celery.

Hi Jeff,

It appears Gunicorn would work with a Python application server using an Nginx load balancer, you can work with whomever will set it up for you, but this should run as a custom topography in Reclaim Cloud without too many issues. Does that make sense to you @taylorjadin?


Yep, that seems right. Taking a look at the Github repo for this application it looks like it may also be possible to run it in Docker using the included Dockerfile, and in that case I would recommend using the Docker Engine CE marketplace installer. I don’t know anything about this particular application though, and its possible that a Docker setup is not well supported for IsisCB

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