Issues with Installing cPanel in Reclaim Cloud

Hi there, Reclaim Cloud newbie over here!

I selected cPanel from the Marketplace, set my environment name, and clicked install:

As expected, I got a series of emails as everything getting set up:

  • my cpaneltest environment is successfully created and ready to work with
  • new Docker container jelasticdocker/cpanel was successfully added to cpaneltest environment
  • my new cPanel v68.0.19 on Centos 7 environment has been successfully deployed

The main issue reason for this post is I did receive the following email saying that post-install actions for the container have failed:

Has anyone received a similar notification? Not sure if this is standard and there’s an action that’s required on my part, or if there are other factors at play?

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Interesting, I just attempted an install and it went through without error. Hmmm, I’ll have to do some more investigating on that error code. For now if you haven’t done anything with it I would say try removing and recreating the environment as it may have been a temporary error.