January Community Chat: Installatron Template Share-a-thon

This week we had a community chat looking at Installatron’s templating feature and how you can use them to create new SPLOTs of your own. Here’s the recording from that chat!

Thanks for doing this demo, Taylor, I had it in my schedule but another meeting stomped on my calendar. I so appreciate seeing that the installer can work with the SPLOTs and that they are still of interest.

I have to admit on several levels, I think people get a better understanding of WordPress by doing a set up from scratch, but can see the value for institutions to offer the starter templates.

I regret I could not really get the hang of the installation scripts!

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Honestly I agree too. When setting them up manually, it really shows the beauty of SPLOTs; they are simply WordPress and a child theme which makes them easy for folks to use, install, and upgrade over time. Also, teach a person to fish etc!

The installatron install scripts are definitely a bear.