July Community Chat: Tools that seem out of reach!

Our July Community chat is tomorrow at 12pm ET, hope to see folks there! All community chats are posted on our event calendar, and you can register for email updates there as well:


July Community Chat: Tools that seem out of reach!

We’re focusing this chat on tools or applications that you want to try running that don’t run on a LAMP stack (like Domain of One’s Own or Shared Hosting), or don’t run well. Maybe you have a project that you are working on, there is something you would like to try out, or something that would make your life easier. Bring some examples of some cool apps you want to explore!

When: July 13th
Time: 12pm ET

Here is the recording!

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Here is a collection of the links that came through in the chat!


Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories

TiddlyMap.org | Wiki-Based Conept-Mapping Software

Welcome Visitors to the Smallest Federated Wiki

Getting Eaasi in the Cloud - blog.timowens.io

Welcome to searx — Searx Documentation (Searx-1.0.0.tex)


Want a custom Web 2.0 search engine? Here’s one! | Marshall Kirkpatrick’s…

Welcome to Apache Solr


Developing the Client — Hypothesis Client 1.0.0 documentation

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