I noticed both the J words in your welcome post. Have you seen the Jitsi powered Jupyter extension GitHub - jupyterlab-contrib/jupyter-videochat: Video chat with peers inside JupyterLab and the Binderised demo: GitHub - yuvipanda/jupyter-videochat-demo: Demo for https://github.com/yuvipanda/jupyter-videochat ?

Also, video chat is available from any repo launched using MyBinder:

I’ve not really figured out how it my be used / useful yet, but it integrates /embed into Jupyter envts which is a plus for me… And you can launch a Jitisi videochat from inside Jupyter envt, then screenshare that Jupyter envt, which feels a bit Inception to me…

Not tried a demo from Reclaim Cloud yet though…


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I was not aware of this! Super interesting I will have to check this out.