Keep domain name when transferring to Omeka S?

I want to keep the same domain name as I shift over to Omeka S from Omeka classic, but I want to put up entirely new data. But when I deleted Omeka classic and installed Omeka S with the same domain, I got this message. Is there a way I can keep the same domain name but create a totally new site with Omeka?

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Class ‘Omeka_Application’ not found in /home/earlywom/public_html/cms/admin/index.php:17 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/earlywom/public_html/cms/admin/index.php on line 17


Apologies for the long delay in anyone replying to your inquiry. Do you happen to remember if you manually deleted the files for Omeka or if you used the uninstall option cPanel provides?

By now you may have solved the issue but if you are still having trouble please feel free to either post a reply here or send an e-mail to