Language for Website Accessibility

I’m wondering if there are any schools out there who have accessibility guidelines for faculty websites created as part of Domains of One’s Own initiatives? In particular, for faculty who develop course sites and/or instructional content (e.g. a Media-wiki for a lab site). We’re looking to include some language around accessibility in our Domains Documentation, so any guidance is much appreciated.

We are currently throwing around ideas for having a simplified resource for accessibility guidelines as well, but for now I usually point people to W3C’s Tips on Writing for the Web. It does a pretty good job of not being too technical and it is not specific to only one type of tool (i.e. writing static html pages, or using Wordpresss) and instead focuses on good guidelines.

If you are looing at getting more familiar with this stuff yourself I highly recommend participating in The Accessibility MOOC, which has a focus on course design but will get you familiar with concepts that would apply for all web content.