Limits, throttling, or just something else?

I’m trying to copy a large data repository from my Reclaim-hosted universe. I zipped up the directory and just did a browser-http click-to-dl from the cPanel file manager. It stopped at 10GB (file is 12GB) and has not gone further. Trying to ssh in hangs, trying to load cPanel hangs… almost like I’ve reached some transfer limit. But, no warnings, no nothing. Thoughts?

nb- I can ssh back in from some machines now, no doubt something related to the abuse-protection stuff. Still curious about the limiting or if it was just a coincidence or ‘big misunderstanding’ ala a Three’s Company episode.


Thank you for your post. Try downloading large file using FTP rather than direct download through the browser. Download or uploading large files is best using other protocols like FTP, curl, wget and rsync for example. Trying to use HTTP (like a browser) for very large files is slow and many things can cause it to hang along the way.

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