LiteSpeed Plugin

I opened the WP dashboard for my site this morning and found that I had a new plugin called LiteSpeed, which is supposed to be a caching utility. I also had a message saying that it had been automatically installed by the system administrator. On top of all that, I also have a message from WordFence saying that running LiteSpeed conflicts with their auto update.

Ok, so does any of this sound legit? I can’t find any mention of LiteSpeed in these discussions.

Sorry for the alarm, yes it’s legit. We’re testing Litespeed as a faster alternative to Apache on some of our servers. I’ll have to look into the Wordfence thing, I wasn’t aware of any incompatibility. It just does some caching to make sites load faster. You’re not required to run the plugin, but it does interact with Litespeed at the server level to make sites running WordPress optimized to be faster.

I’ve been using WP Super Cache on one of my sites. Should I delete that plugin?

I know it’s not recommended to run both, I think at the server level it did not activate the Litespeed plugin on any sites that were already using a caching plugin so you probably have Litespeed plugin installed but not active. You’re welcome to try disabling Super Cache and enable Litespeed and see if things are better or worse or indifferent. I suspect in the grand scheme of things for you it will not be a huge difference giving you already had caching setup so maybe more trouble than it’s worth.

You guys are the experts in this matter (certainly more expert than me) so I will go with your recommendations. Thanks.

I just noticed this on one of my sites, gave me a bit of a start. The plugin was turned on and activated. It would be good to get some sort of heads-up for this sort of thing, save a wee bit of worry…



I noticed it too installed and activated on a site, and I almost dinged a co-manager of the site for tossing in plugins w/o checking in. I’m all for improvements and I’d opt in for regular email updates on new things at Reclaim, cause we all love Reclaim.

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