Manifold Scholarship

Has anyone installed Manifold Scholarship in Reclaim Cloud yet? Curious what issues you have run into, if you have, or if it’s recommended at all.

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Hey RC, I know @timmmmyboy has played with it, and it definitely runs in Reclaim Cloud, here is a guide for getting that up and running, but let me know if you need any help:

Great, thanks!

I guess the other question that I have would be pointing a Reclaim DOOO subdomain to the Reclaim Cloud instance. I decided to use an A record on the DOOO subdomain to point to the instance because that seems to be the right move to preserve the SSL certificate, correct? The DNS change hasn’t propagated yet so I can’t verify that I did it correctly, though. Unfortunately I don’t think I can continue the Manifold setup until I have the new domain resolved since I need to update the configuration with the correct domain.

SSL certs are only controlled by whichever server is hosting the domain. If you point a subdomain to Reclaim Cloud you’ll need to issue a cert through Reclaim Cloud.

Ok, issued the SSL cert through Reclaim Cloud to the DOOO subdomain, removed the A record from the DOOO Zone Editor, added a CNAME in the DOOO Zone Editor pointing to the Reclaim Cloud environment, and bound the DOOO domain to the Reclaim Cloud environment.

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Giving up on the custom domain thing for now and just trying to do an install. It appears a few things have changed with Manifold since you wrote your instructions.

The ports listed in docker-compose.yml are now just


I went ahead and inserted 80:80 and 443:443, didn’t seem to do anything.

Additionally, the updated Manifold installation instructions have an updated tag:

MANIFOLD_TAG=v5.1.3 docker-compose up -d

However, all of this appears to be moot, as trying to install via the Reclaim directions results in

ERROR: manifest for manifoldscholarship/manifold-api:v5.1.3 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Honestly, not sure if it’s PEBKAC at this point or not.

I can take a shot at this, let me know what domain you want mapped, and what account you were pointing DNS (feel free to message me that info), and I’ll see if I can’t get this up and running. Also, as part of a DoOO school we are providing a $500 credit for Reclaim Cloud so you can explore things like Manifold, so I am happy to add that credit to your account, and if we can figure Manifold out, well then, you have a free ride in the open publishing world for a while.

Following up here, I went through the process and got the same error at the point of composeing the docker file with MANIFOLD_TAG=v5.1.3 docker-compose up -d:

ERROR: manifest for manifoldscholarship/manifold-api:v5.1.3 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

So definitely not PEBKAC, wonder if anything changed on Manifold’s side, but I will poke around and see what’s what, and may even call on the big guns @cblankenship and @timmmmyboy at some point, or even post an issue on manifold’s Github to see if others have had a similar problem.

Well, the fix is in, the grat Zach Davis of Cast Iron Coding and Manifold fame recommending I try this command, and it is working for me:
MANIFOLD_TAG=v5.1.4-beta.1 docker-compose up -d

I edited the installation guide to reflect the changes, and I recommend deleting both environment of Manifold you have in your account and starting fresh, I did have some success this morning with it, and hope you do too. If you get it up and running we can then play with the domain mapping.

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