Math Extension in WikiMedia wiki

Hello! Has anyone had any luck installing the Math Extension in a WikiMedia Wiki? I can successfully (?) install it, but then on Special:MathStatus I get this error over and over again:

[XEnZ9F7EvGTffnof15XkBwAAAAE] /wiki/Special:MathStatus MWException from line 103 of /home/snackeru/public_html/wiki/extensions/Math/src/MathRestbaseInterface.php: TeX input is invalid.

Following a possible fix at Math extension cannot connect to Restbase. on Extension talk:Math has not fixed the problem. I am completely stumped. And a professor here at the U of M needs to be able to use mathml in a wiki. I thought this would be perfect, but so far no dice.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Were you able to solve this?

This was followed up with a support ticket but we were never able to find resolution even after adding additional packages at the server level for texvc, latex, and dvipng. It doesn’t appear to be something that is easily supported in Mediawiki. I don’t know if the customer was able to work it out through other means or (more likely) they looked at alternative software that natively supports math functions.