MediaWiki via Installatron is asking for the fileinfo PHP module

I’ve been trying to help a colleague install and configure the Scripto plugin for Omeka, which requires a MediaWiki installation, among other things. When I’ve installed MediaWiki, it is complaining about not seeing the PHP fileinfo module. When I check the results of phpinfo(); I see fileinfo listed as an installed module, though.

I have confirmed that an independent install of MediaWiki (not within a subdirectory of the /omeka/ ) is also throwing the same error.

Any ideas?

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Installatron recently did an overhaul of their “requirements” stuff and I wonder if they’re misreading this somehow (surprising they haven’t caught it). We’ll look into it and see if there’s a way to force it but I may need to reach out to them for a fix.

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So a test in my account worked. Private message me what account and URL you’re installing to and I’d be happy to troubleshoot this.

Turns out your server actually didn’t have the fileinfo PHP extension after all (I think the reference in phpinfo was to something else but not the full extension). Once I got that installed the wiki instance worked perfectly. Sorry about that!

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