Migrating from Wordpress.com?

I have my students creating domains this semester, on which they’ll be doing coursework through Wordpress. However, I have 1 student who is still waiting for financial aid refund, and doesn’t have the $45 for the registration fee. Is it possible to have this student create a free site through Wordpress.com to work on in the interim, and then migrate it over once they purchase the domain through Reclaim?


Hi Aaron,
Absolutely! They can migrate when they are able to sign up with Reclaim. It is a bit of a manual process (WordPress.com doesn’t allow for the use of plugins on the free account). We do have the process documented on our Support Help Center that you can send them!

Okay, great - I searched the website but somehow missed that documentation. Thanks very much!

I’ll give them a WordPress install if they need one. wp.com is a strange land if you’re trying to get used to normal human wp.

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@bionicteaching you gave me a workaround idea there - I can just put a new installation of wordpress on my domain and give the student access, as a temporary measure until they can purchase the domain.


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