Migration from Reclaim shared hosting to cloud

My domain fncll.org is the “main domain” for one of my shared hosting accounts. I want to migrate, for now, just my main web site at https://fncll.org/ to a cloud environment. I actually want to rebuild the site, so this isn’t about content, but about the magic DNS incantations needed on both ends to move just the main site while keeping all the other subdomains, etc (commonplaces.fncll.org etc) functioning just as they are now, using the shared hosting.

I have the Public IP enabled on the cloud environment (https://fncll.wc.reclaim.cloud/ = I think?)

And I don’t know if it matters, but the CDN endpoint is: https://fncll-reclm.cdn.jelastic.net/

That’s right! If you have the public IP set up, you’ll want to edit the A record for that domain name in the DNS Zone Editor section in cPanel.

Once that’s set, you’ll want to bind the domain in your Reclaim Cloud environment. This will allow you to set up any SSL needed to secure the site.

This will point the domain to the Reclaim Cloud environment while maintaining any other sites you have on Shared Hosting.

You can also look through our guide to Adding a Custom Domain to a Reclaim Cloud Environment, which walks through the process step by step.

I followed the guide(s) and things seem to be working with the A record and the SSL. However, this guide also says I should set up a CNAME entry, which the system won’t let me do. Is the CNAME necessary?

The CNAME is not needed, cPanel doesn’t allow for that type of record on the apex domain. The A Record is the other option in this case!

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Also, I just tested https://fncll.org/ and it is loading on the Cloud and SSL certificate is working, so you are golden!