Missed SFTP set up on WP install - where can i 'sign up'?

I’m brave in many ways, but always go fro the ‘Recommended’ settings, so in the WP signup procedure, I left SSH checked and portal 22, but got this error msg:

I can’t work out the path to get back to setting up those settings, and meanwhile, I’ve managed to theme and upload files to WP but it’s not publishing - so I’m guessing the two issues may be connected.

Grateful for any help!

Hey Jenn, did you happen to see my response to your support ticket? That screen is from an interface used to import an install from another server. A few useful links here since I’m not sure exactly where you might be getting hung up:

In regards to stuff you are changing not showing up make sure to clear your browser cache. Here is a guide Refreshyourcache.com - The Guide to Clear your Browser Cache!

Hi Timm I did just see your message. I didn’t end up having that window ‘follow through’ if you know what I mean. I gave up on it and somehow got WP installed in spite of the error message, so I don’t think I did install from another server - I would have needed one to start with.

So the status now is that I have WP, managed to customize a theme and add the Articulate plugin and mySQL database. I’ve dragged some image files into the media folder and added zipped Storyline files there as well, but I can’t publish - I get an error even adding a page and trying to publish.

The Articulate plugin is also not functioning - just goes in a perpetual upload or only loads to 6% if I try uploading right from my hard drive. And again the Publish error
I can see my files via Filezilla, but my settings show no ftp server either.
If i click on the link to my “site/final” in the cPanel ‘my Apps’ window, I get what looks to be my site but it says the page has not been found, even though my name’s at the top and if I type my url wildmountainthyme.ca into a browser, I get the default 'Welcome to Reclaim window saying I’m now hosted, login to your control panel…" instead of my site.

Any ideas?

I’m glad to hear you were able to get WordPress installed. The thing about seeing the Reclaim page makes me think that page is cached in your browser. Did you clear your browser cache? Here’s that link again Refreshyourcache.com - The Guide to Clear your Browser Cache!

The other errors you are getting sound very specific to plugins and theme stuff which is outside the scope of what we can support. Perhaps someone else here in the forums has that experience but you may have better luck contacting support for the plugins and theme you are using if you’re having issues. Let us know if there’s anything else on the Reclaim side you need assistance with.

Actually it looks like you installed to http://wildmountainthyme.ca/final/ and not http://wildmountainthyme.ca which is why you’re seeing the splash page when you go to the main domain. If you’d like to move the install you can clone it to the main domain https://forums.reclaimhosting.com/t/easy-site-cloning-within-installatron/274

You’re a rockstar Tim, for being on the case so late in the evening. I do cache-clearing regularly so the wrong install makes more sense. I’ll give the cloning a go tomorrow. Thanks so much!

Good morning Tim. It looks like I’ve solved at least the splash page issue via cloning. Thank you again for working out the /final problem. Now on to check the plugin/theme related issues. Happy Sunday!