Move from Installatron to Softaculous (Not Planned)

Would you be willing to consider moving from Installatron to Softaculous? Softaculous seems to be more actively maintained, offers more scripts, and is perhaps more user-friendly too.

Installatron does not yet support Nextcloud, more than a year after Softaculous started offering it.

Tim Owens suggested in another thread that Softaculous had been discussed internally. It would be confusing for some users, I suppose, but I think it would be worth it in the long run.

Not going to say it won’t ever happen, but it is a very big hurdle. Our evaluation of Softaculous last year did not show that it was more user-friendly. Quite the opposite actually, there were areas where after installing WordPress you were prompted to be able to buy premium content which is pretty problematic for us. But assuming some of that can either be disabled or we ignore that the larger hurdles that we have multiple software applications built on the Installatron Package SDK that won’t convert and have to be rewritten as well as all of our documentation is a larger issue. In short, there have to be really compelling reasons that Installatron is not meeting the needs of our community. I’m not going to speak for the community but I don’t think the lack of a Nextcloud installer meets that bar. The point about ongoing maintenance and number of installers is apt though (although quantity certainly does not equal quality).