Multisite Cookie Notices

We’ve got a new university-wide multisite network, and we’re looking for a plugin that will allow visitors of any subsite to opt in to functional/necessary/all cookies for GDPR compliance.

Does anyone have any experience with a multisite-friendly GDPR/cookie banner plugin that can do this?

Hi Noah,
This is a great question and while you may have found another option, I think adding some of my suggestions here would help others along the way!

Reclaim uses the GDPR plugin in particular for the main Reclaim Hosting website.

You can also use something like the GDPR Cookie Complaince plugin as well!

Those should be a good start to anyone looking to add a cookie notice to their website. If you found a plugin to use definitely let us know! I’ll be interested to hear what your experience has been.

Thanks for the reply! Just to update the thread, we looked through a few, but we found the features and customer experience (at least the pre-sales experience) to be the best with GDPR Cookie Compliance - they’re also London based which helps us.

We also looked into some tools that the university uses for cookie consent on the main website (like CookieYes) which work via a script in the header, but this wasn’t compatible with multisite.

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