My Forgotted Known Site is a Link Spam Farm

I played with known for a while and left it, forgot about it. After getting one of those annoying “Will you add my link to your post emails?” emails I was curious about the link.

It’s a challenge even scroll to the bottom of the comment link spam here

I can see all my posts on this site have like 900+ comments. Any like my blog gets 3 a month.

So my first thought is to just chuck the site, as it’s not got much I need. But in the Name of Reclaim, just wondering if I wanted to make a clean archive (maybe Site Suck it)

  • Is there anyway to mass delete comments from known sites?
  • Is there any akismet-like spam suppression for known?
  • Can a known site be turned off from comments?

It’s almost kind of a spam link art piece, but I don’t want to keep a spam link farm running.

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I should look at the settings! Just disabled the Public Comments plugin…

Thanks Alan, is the same problem and didn’t look at plugins, just configuration. Now fixed. I’ve been on and off working on moving posts to WordPress and then I’ll delete the site.



Any idea how to batch delete the spam comments (I don’t mind nuking them all, I did not have much activity).

Barring this, I might just nuke the site and redirect to my blog. I’ve been trying to delete stuff from database, but cannot figure for sure where the crap is stored.

Already spent too much time on this. I just scrolled and saw nothing worth keeping that’s not on my blog. Cya known.

Now see where the links to go

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