My RSS Feed Has Died

The RSS feed on my WordPress site has stopped updating and I cannot figure out why. The last post that showed up in Feedly was from the beginning of August so something happened since then to kill the feed.

I have tried deleting and re-uploading the theme after getting a fresh copy from the vendor site. I’m using Genesis so I did the same with the parent theme. I have explored many, many posts on this topic from all over the web and did not find a solution that works.

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to look next?

Hi Tim,

I have that happen on occasion, and usually it is some rogue string in a post that throws the RSS off. One way to see if the RSS feed is valid is the RSS Validator, which worked for me on your site:

I would try the following test, unpublish the post you wrote after the last post the worked via the RSS reader, the try and pull your feed again and see if it works. It’s at least an initial test, and if it does work, something in text of that post is causing the RSS feed to balk.


For what it’s worth I subscribe to your blog using TinyTinyRSS and I haven’t missed any posts. That makes me wonder if there’s a connection issue between our server and Feedly. I found this so I whitelisted these IP ranges in case some activity got them caught in our firewall

Interesting. I didn’t think to check another aggregator. I opened my old Digg Reader and Newsblur accounts and the feed shows up just fine in both. So it appears there was something funky going on between Reclaim and Feedly. I wonder how long before the whitelisting takes effect.

Thanks for helping with my mystery, Tim and Jim.

Usually should be immediate, but I don’t how how often Newsblur refreshes feeds (or do they have any manual way to check a feed again?). If it’s not a firewall issue I’m not sure what it could be. As a test you could see if other feeds on our servers are affected, for example

Just looked at Jim’s blog and none of his posts from the last few weeks came through in the feed from Feedly. I’ll test things again later today when I post something new.

I’m not convinced whitelisting the full range was working so since it was a smaller range I went through each IP to see if/where it was listed and found what was likely the culprit. Let me know if it starts working for you.

I published a new post a few hours ago and it came through in the feed just fine, along with the previous three. I’ll do another tomorrow but for now, we can call this problem solved. Thanks for your help and I hope it didn’t mess up your Labor Day.


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Not at all, glad to hear it’s working! I’m sure you’re not the only one using Feedly to subscribe to Reclaim blogs so obviously something we’d want fixed. :slight_smile:

Just an FYI, Jim’s posts have reappeared in my feed as well as a bunch from Tom Woodward, who I believe is also on Reclaim. So Feedly now seems to be communicating with your servers just fine.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up on this! We use a distributed firewall so sometimes we’re not aware when an automated block affects all of our servers like this. Now you have a bit of reading to catch up on, haha! :slight_smile:

@timstahmer I have been having issues as well. My posts were not flowing through to Feedly, but working elsewhere. Asked Feedly and they had no answer. It seems to have sorted itself out now. I have issues with quite a few blogs in regards to Feedly, in particular posts from @cogdog @jimgroom and Maha Bali, for some reason they seem to come through in batches :man_shrugging:

shakes fist at Google

For as much as I adore RSS there are always fickle things to deal with, and this thread is a good reminder of how many pieces there are to check. Other readers, rogue character encoding feed validation (I am not sure if that is as much an issue for readers as Feed Wordpress), and now, IP possible white lists.

Sometimes in feedwordpress there are failures as it looks like the source does not allow curl requests. And I have had some blog feeds that that last resort is running it through Feedburner to “clean it”

Still, RSS is a groovy thing.

BTW, I think Tom Woodward is still on Bluebost, or at least his favicon says so.

Nah, he’s a reclaimer. Never trust the favicon :slight_smile:

ico issue finally addressed

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