Need image files on web for Omeka cvs import

When I have used Omeka, with the cvs plugin, before, I uploaded the images I wanted to include onto the web somewhere, then included the URL of each image on a cvs/spreadsheet, and then used the cvs plugin to upload a bunch of records.

What I can’t figure out now that I’m using reclaimhosting, is where I could upload some images. I’ve experimented with the cpanel-file manager, and just can’t seem to find a place to upload them where they’re visible on the web.

Any suggestions?

I would create a subdomain, then upload your files there. We have an article on creating subdomains here:

Maybe you’re just looking to do something straight forward? I would normally just make a folder in the public_html folder and name it import_images or something simple like that. I’d throw the images in there.

Now you should have a URL that’s something like to test to make sure the image is accessible.

I tried that, but it didn’t work. I know I’m not doing something obvious.

Thank you, that worked!

If you get bored Taylor, I’m curious why this would need a subdomain.

Omeka tends not to play nice with .htaccess rules above it. So if it was a subdirectory where content lived in a folder above it, it could cause errors. We’ve seen this with cloning/restoring sites through Installatron. Subdomains in the past have been a bit more stable where it’s shifted out into its own folder outside of public_html.

Ah. Thanks @mfierro. I like to know stuff. Maybe it’ll save you a ticket in the future. I should have guessed that Omeka would have something awkward. Viva digital humanities.


Seconding what @mfierro said here. Omeka’s .htaccess rules are sort of extensive, and often cause issues with directories below it, so its easier to just go with subdomains to avoid that whole mess.