Network activating plugins

Hi all:

I have a multisite install and have added a number of plugins under the “network admin” section. I have made sure to “network activate” them all. But when I go to my sites, the only plugins that are showing up are the ones that are NOT network activated. I’m thinking I must be doing something wrong.

I was going to upload a screenshot or two, but Discourse is telling me that b/c I’m a new user I can’t do that!

Am I missing a step? Download plugin through network admin, then network activate, then…something else?

Thanks for any help you can give!

In Multisite Network-Activated plugins actually won’t show up in the list for sites at all, they’ll just be Active by default for all sites. It’s a bit different than with themes (confusing to say the least). But if you network activate a plugin its on for everyone and active by default. If you just install a plugin it will be in the list but not active.

Ah, I get it! That is indeed very different than themes. I thought that if the plugin was active on my sub-sites, then I could see it by going to “plugins” on those sites, but now I see that’s not the case. Good to know!

Yeah the fact that they use the same language for plugins and themes “network-activating” is really confusing because it’s treated very differently. If you’re ever managing a multisite install where you need to restrict access to particular plugins this plugin is a good one to manage permissions for plugins on subsites Multisite Plugin Manager – WordPress plugin |