New / cleanup of app list?

Is there any review/culling of installation apps? I’m looking to demo use of ones Other Than WordPress. All of the photo gallery ones are showing web age, none are responsive. The phpFAQ one too and the dev site is gone. Some of the survey ones (beyond LimeSurvey) felt like a Whiff of Ben Gay too.

Any way to organize a run through for how useful these are? Or letting us know what it takes to add new ones?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? In all seriousness I definitely agree, but have never wanted to remove stuff that someone somewhere might find some use for however archaic it might seem (you’d be surprised the stuff some people want to run). That being said might not be a bad idea to pull together a community-organized list of the better apps. For example I think Koken is one of the best photo management apps in there. Wallabag looks really interesting as an alternative to Pocket for saving articles but haven’t played with it. And for as archaic as it looks, I honestly do use and love TinyTinyRSS so I suppose not all apps can be judged solely on the shiny.

Any way to get info on the tabs of the installer pages? Like community reviews, ratings, example sites?

I’m thinking of the average user who would be likely stymied by picking from all that’s there.

I don’t believe it’s possible to modify existing application’s installer pages like that, no. But honestly the cynic in me says no one reads anything on these pages anyway. I’m pretty sure they hit install before they’ve even read a description and don’t even look at the auto-generated username and password before it’s on their account. In terms of adding new installs this is the SDK Installatron provides Installatron Application Packaging SDK. Apps have to be added by us to servers. We use to build the installers.

What’s the Angular connection? I’m seeing ng controller references on the list all apps page source.

Your cynic is likely right. I know myself my eyes get blurry looking at all the icons. But maybe it’s left to something done if this community (if it is one) to figure out, reviews could even be done here within discourse.

I’ll be curious to see after my next workshop in MId August if people new to the mix are willing to try other web apps.

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If we could load custom js (I think that is an option in cpanel) then I believe we could append ratings from another source. The div names in there are fairly ugly and it’d depend a bit on how they load (that’s part of what is driving my angular question).