Newbie Media Issue

I’m in finishing up my first WP site – and having an issue with the image I’ve placed front and center on the home page. As long as the mouse isn’t over it, it looks great. But when the mouse hovers anywhere over the image (which, after all, is most of the page) it grays out and a + sign appears in the middle although clicking does nothing.

I’ve checked the Uploading to WP Media topic, but it doesn’t seem to address this. How do I get the image not to gray-out?

That would very much be driven by the theme. It appears the theme is doing that with featured images (which I agree makes no sense since the image doesn’t link to anything). As a test I tried changing it to instead of being a featured image just removing that and inserting the image into the page content itself as a large image centered on the page and that seems to work.

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on this kind of thing as I explore themes, then.