Node.js applications on cpanel


I’m trying to make a twitter bot following these instructions

I got it all working pretty well locally and then followed these instructions to get it working on cpanel

however I get the error Error
An error occured during installation of modules. The operation was performed, but check availability of application has failed. Web application responds, but its return code “500 Internal Server Error” or content type before operation “text/html; charset=UTF-8” doesn’t equal to contet type after operation “text/html; charset=UTF-8”.

I think it has to do with DNS, or with .htaccess file? I tried a couple of solutions here and there but had no luck so I thought I’d try here before I broke something!

Anything listed in cPanel under Metrics > Errors? An Internal Server Error is usually an Apache error of some kind (but in this case could also be Passenger loading Node via Apache) and cPanel will often try to put a more verbose error in that Errors section. If not you can open a support ticket and we can try to check some other logs. We would just need specifics on how to recreate the issue.

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thanks for letting me know about the errors section! this let me track it down to a .json being in the wrong directory!

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Hey! I am also getting the same error. How you resolved your error, please tell!

my json files were at /node_app instead of /nodeenv like it generates. I didn’t realize you had to run most of the stuff from the terminal via the source command