Norton Safe Web issues

Has anyone ever had to deal with Norton flagging your DoOO/Reclaim site as unsafe? It has happened to our site, and I’ll admit I’m annoyed. It’s a very lean wordpress site with minimal plugins, no analytics, and Let’s Encrypt SSL. The steps to resolve involve my creating an account and essentially pleading with Norton to whitelist the site. Instructions are here:

Any tips on how I could bypass this or expedite this would be most appreciated.

That’s rough, I have no experience with that one. We did run into an issue recently where Google blacklisted the primary project domain for a DoOO school due entirely to a subdomain being flagged for a hack. I have no idea what the reasoning is there except to assume that they see same IP and same subdomain as “same account” when clearly that’s not the case. So all that to say it may be falsely flagging based on some other data, but these companies are quite opaque about what/where the problem actually is. Frustrating indeed.