OERxDomains21 Conference April 21-22, 2021

Some may have run across it in blog posts, Twitter, or elsewhere, but just in case (or perhaps as a reminder) it seems apropos to mention it here, the OERxDomains21 conference registration is open. You can find more details on the conference site at:

Organised by the Association for Learning Technology and partnership with Reclaim Hosting’s Domains Conference, this special edition of the much loved event is the 12th annual conference for Open Education research, practice and policy. We are proud to incorporate a special strand hosted by the Domains Conference – bringing our two communities closer together in 2021. To make this special edition of the event happen, we have a team of Co-Chairs: Heading up the Domains strand are Lauren (Brumfield) Hanks and Jim Groom and leading on the OER side are Lou Mycroft, Louise Drumm and Joe Wilson.

The conference will put the spotlight on both the value and limitations of Open Education in a (post)pandemic world. The main conference themes are:

  • Theme 1 : Openness, care, and joy in the times of pandemic;
  • Theme 2 : Open Education responses to surveillance technologies and data ownership in education;
  • Theme 3 : Open in Action: open teaching, educational practices and resources, how you might be using Domains and other tools;
  • Theme 4 : Shifts in agency and creativity as empowerment of learners and educators;
  • Theme 5 : Open Source Tools: infrastructure, cloud environments, targeted teaching tools.

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