OHMS Viewer - problem generating urls

We’re getting started with OHMS / Omeka integration and are unable to generate the URLs for the XML files.

I created a subdomain ohms-viewer.oberlincollegelibrary.org and then installed the files (started with 3.5, upgraded to 3.6 today). I’m wondering now if I was supposed to create a directory on the root called ohms-viewer and install the files in there … ?

Thanks very much!

Give it a try now, I had to change the tmpdir setting in the config/config.ini file for that install to be the full path to the cachefiles folder.

Thank you - still no luck

The formatting of that URL looks off, should be http://ohms-viewer.oberlincollegelibrary.org/viewer.php?cachefile=OHMS-Sample-001.xml (and you would replace OHMS-Sample-001.xml with your own OHMS file after you’ve uploaded it to the cachefiles folder)