Omeka Classic Error: RuntimeException The configured PHP path ( /usr/local/bin/php) is invalid

I am in the process of rebuilding some Omeka Classic oral history sites on a new reclaim hosting domain. I’ve followed the directions to install the OHMS Importer and OHMS Viewer plugins, in preparation for adding the Philly theme, as well.

When attempting to import a zipped XML file, Omeka throws this error:
RuntimeException: The configured PHP path ( /usr/local/bin/php) is invalid. in /home/digit131/

I’ve run the ‘which PHP’ command from the terminal, and it reports:

which would seem to confirm the correct path.

I’ve also tried changing the path in the local.config.php file to:


just to see if this made a difference. Here is the odd bit – runtime error Omeka reports still references the /usr/local/bin/php path. (so I set it back).

Any idea what might be the cause, and where I might change a configuration change to resolve this?

Updating. I found this excellent guide: I made the change and it resolved the error. Apologies for posting, and thanks for the guide.

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