Omeka Migration Troubles

I just had some trouble migrating an Omeka site from another host. I used the “one-click” install option and that went fine. After importing the database and the necessary folders (files, plugins, and themes), however, none of the content appeared in the new instance. It looked fine, but it was just an empty Omeka site.

The fix that worked for me was changing the database prefix in the db.ini file from to prefix = “om_” to "prefix = “omeka_” and the site finally connected to the database.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Two final things: (1) I am using Rockaway instead of Reclaim, but I assume the settings are the same for Reclaim and (2) I tried the API migration option, but the actual files did not migrate, just the URLs from the old site.


I had the same experience with table prefixes and fixed it in a mirror-image of your solution: by using phpMyAdmin to change the prefixes on the old tables to “om_”, after having dropped all the new “om_” tables created by the one-click install.

If your database was originally created using a one-click install, then I agree it’s a pity that the table prefixes didn’t match. In my case I have no idea how the original database was set up. Quite possibly it was done from scratch – the previous hosting account allowed only one database, and no prefix was used – so the mismatch isn’t surprising.

I guess it would be nice if Omeka said: “If you think your database credentials are correct but you see no content here, check your table prefixes.”

I can’t comment on the API issue.

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